Light Bulb Splash

After getting some nice 40x30cm prints of my burning bulb and one of my smoking bulb photos I had the feeling that there was something missing.
I started thinking about doing a light bulb photo involving water (wind, fire, water) I thought about using a water pistol but that would get extremely messy.
After giving up on the idea and being busy with me getting married and all I started to play with the idea of doing a fish tank splash photo with the bulb.
The only problem was that we don’t own a fish tank nor was I planning on buying one just for this project but I remembered we had a very tall glass vase and I decided to just try my luck with that.

100 Strangers project 1/100

I’ve been playing with the idea to do a 100 strangers photo project for a while now but I always found some excuses why I couldn’t do it.
But today I decided to just go for it as it pushes me to be more social and this is the best way for me to learn how to interact with complete strangers.

The goal of the 100 strangers project is to photograph 100 (or more) complete strangers. The photos can’t be candid shots and one of the rules is that you must get the name of the person you’re photographing it’s even better if you get to know the person a bit.

So here she is stranger #1 Michelle.

Stranger 1/100 Michelle


I met Michelle while she was getting lunch during her break from an training she was doing to be a help-desk employee at a big telecom business.
We even chatted a little bit about our home town and about my upcoming marriage.

iPhone photography

Last week it was time to renew my phone subscription and I had the desire to use something other than android. So after looking at the pro’s and con’s I got an IPhone 5s.

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s

And of course I had to try the camera on this thing because this is going to be the camera I’ll have in my pocket 99% of the time.

Noord Brabant

Last weekend me and a couple of friends went to a cabin in Noord Brabant to celebrate my fiance’s birthday.
We arrived on friday but we arrived late so I didn’t get the chance to take pictures.
On saturday morning I woke up early and decided to grab my camera and my bike and just ride to see what cool things were around our vacation park.
The weather was cold and wet and it was still dark outside but after an hour of riding I found a watch tower (I sort of knew it had to be there somewhere).
But it was still to dark to take any useful pictures so I decided to got there later that day with my friends. On our way there we decided to stop at an old abandoned shack that I saw earlier that morning.

Broken ladder


Check out the complete story and more pictures after the break

365 Project Day 31

I had some fun creating a natural lens flare with my Pentacon m42 lens.
Sophie was sitting on the window-sill enjoying the sun when I took this picture.

365 31 Instagram


I also took this one of a car this morning on my way to school.

Early morning car


This concludes my 365 project post for today.
As always check back tomorrow for another 365 project entry.

365 Project Day 30

Spring has come early this year here in the Netherlands. It was warm enough to wear a vest instead of my usual warm winter coat.
On my way to school I saw all these small flowers in full bloom, but I decided to make a photo of some weeds growing on a stone wall as today’s 365 Project photo.

365 30 Spring


I took this photo with my Pentacon m42 50mm lens and I love this lens, the only thing I don’t like so much is the harsh Bokeh.

As always check back tomorrow for another 365 Project entry.

365 Project day 29

I wanted to go for a more minimalistic photo for today’s 365 Project entry.
And so I took a photo of this security camera at our school.

365 29 Big Brother


As always check back later for another 365 Project entry.

365 Project day 28

I’ve been carrying my camera around with my M42 Pentacon 50mm lens for the last few days.
It’s always great to use some old gear and try to capture some great images.

365 28 Pink Candle


My fiance got some scented candles on her birthday and while one was almost done burning I took this shot because I loved the pink ring of candlewax at the bottom of the candle.

As always check back later for another 365 Project entry.

365 Project day 27

What would you do with a 24 meter high concrete tube?
That’s what I’m currently working at school and we got 8 days to come up with a plan…
So we thought it would be a good plan to look at the thing in real life to get a better understanding of how big it really is.

365 27 Silo

After looking inside I decided to take some pictures of all the stuff that somebody left in there.(Click on Continue Reading for more photos)

365 Project day 26

Last week we bought a crystal growing set because we were curious if it would work.
You’re supposed to let this thing grow for around 48 hours but left it grow for about 4 days but that didn’t help much.
At least the crystals did grow but they were pretty small and nothing like on the box… DUH. They also lost all their color but hey at least I had some crystals to photograph.

365 26 Crystals


I also did some more close-ups check those after the break