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Window to the past

Today we were visiting Paulus Strikwerda for his birthday and he showed me a box full of old cut pieces of what I believe was 35mm film. He also had some sort of viewer which could be used to view these pieces of film at an magnification. Paulus had no Idea how old this stuff was and what was on it.
After looking at some of these negatives I got the idea to try and take a photograph of these negatives through the viewer with my Iphone. And why my Iphone you might ask, well the Iphone lens is small enough to fit tightly against the viewer without getting any light leaks from the outside.

Light-bulb Glow

I wanted to capture the glowing light and wire of a Light-bulb today and these are the shots I got.

Galaxy S3 timelapse

I decided to find a new use for my “old” Samsung Galaxy S3. Ever since I got my Iphone 5s my galaxy had been collecting dust in drawer.
After coming across some timelapse apps for Android I thought it would be a fun experiment to try and make timelapses with my unused phone.
And after trying a few different apps I settled for the Droid Timelapse app simply because this was the only app that woud continue recording after two frames.

Arnhem and Nijmegen

Yesterday was a day with allot of train riding, waiting and of course shopping, but I did manage to take some nice photos in Arnhem and Nijmegen.

Quick Rapid strap review

I’ve been eyeballing Black Rapid camera straps for a while now but I always got put off by the price because a Black rapid strap would cost about 50-60 euro’s. After reading a post on some forum about a knock-off version of a Black rapid strap on Ebay called the Quick Rapid I decided to order one hoping it would be at least strong enough to carry our Sony Nex 5. And so the long wait began and after about 3 weeks I got my strap in the mail.
When I opened the package and got the strap in my hands I was surprised by the heavy feel of the strap it at least felt like a real Blackrapid strap.

How to get this shot: Bubbles

Welcome to a new series on my blog called “how to get this shot” in this series I will try to explain how to get some of the photographs on my blog.
I hope this will motivate some people to try and do these kinds of shots for themselves


I wanted to take some photos of soap bubbles for a while now… yes the kind that come in those cute little bottles you give to your kids with the always shitty puzzle on the lid. (these).
So yesterday I finally bought one of these suckers for a whopping €0,22 yes I know a major investment indeed but I knew it was going to worth it. After a day playing with it I decided it was time to try and capture these elusive rainbow colored balls of air. And these are the shot I got.

Melting window

Saturday walk

The weather was okay-ish today so I decided to take my camera with me during grocery shopping and I took some nice pictures while we were out.
I also took my new camera strap and I must say for a $5 strap I didn’t expect to enjoy it this much so expect a review on that somewhere next week.

Crumbling Wall

Over the Tracks



The melons were on sale at our local supermarket and I decided to take one home.
After looking at the thing more closely I thought it was cool enough to take some pictures of it and post them here.